COVID-19 Response Recognition Award Registration

Please only complete the form if you meet ONE or more of the criteria of the COVID-19 Response Recognition Awards:

Individual - worked for MIQ or as part of the MIQ workforce
  • during the National State of Emergency (25 March to 13 May 2020); OR
  • demonstrated increased personal risk and sacrifice which often impacted on your normal life; OR
  • as a direct employee within MBIE’s MIQ group or MIQ workforce (e.g., hotels, security, transport); OR
  • supported MIQ as an embedded MBIE Business Partner or MBIE employee.
  • actively part of the MIQ eco-system for 1 month (30 days aggregated); OR
  • a contracted supplier providing services for MIQ; OR
  • an Iwi partner; OR
  • a community group providing support to people staying in MIQ facilities.

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