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Application for exemption or early release from managed isolation


Managed isolation is an important part of our border measures to keep COVID-19 out of New Zealand.

While our borders are closed, New Zealand citizens and permanent residents have a right to come home. Those returning are legally required to complete 14 days in isolation.

The purpose of isolation is to ensure people do not have COVID-19 before they return to the New Zealand community. People are tested at around day three and day 12 of their stay, and must test negative before leaving.

Tens of thousands of people have completed their isolation period safely.

Exemption or early release from managed isolation can only be approved if there is an exceptional reason. Exceptional reasons are situations where:

  • disproportionate loss or harm will occur if the person is unable to leave early or an exemption is not granted; and
  • something cannot be delayed; and
  • a person’s needs cannot be met within a managed isolation facility; and
  • there is no other reasonable alternative.

This form is to be used to apply for permission to:

  • isolate in a place other than a managed isolation facility; or
  • leave a managed isolation facility; or
  • join someone else in a managed isolation facility.